Yesenia Sotelo, Web Development & Digital Strategy for Nonprofits


My name is Yesenia Sotelo

I’m a website whisperer, nonprofit nerd, native Chicagoan and mama.

I work with nonprofit professionals to build websites and run online campaigns.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you, check me out over at…

Yesenia Sotelo
  • My self care right now is watching calm, informed and firm experts taking down those that wish to harm us. RIP Sen…
  • RT @TheYelitsa: Not enough qualified minorities really means an unwillingness to hire mediocre POC as much as they do mediocre white men.
  • I feel like this sentence should be in every Democratic ad: "There is no U.S. government effort to monitor corona…

SmartCause Digital

I started SmartCause Digital to be a trusted expert resource to nonprofit professionals. I'd love to work with you! →